Ethiopia Yukiro Co-op
Fair Trade

$ 7.99

Tasting Notes
floral sweetness cane sugar, raw honey, limeade, lemongrass tea, apricot Hefeweizen in the finish. Good for filter/drip, pour over, submersion coffees, cold brew and espresso at darker roasts. This coffee is freshly roasted at the time you place your order.

About Yukiro Cooperative
Yukiro Cooperative was once part of an initiative in Ethiopia focused on working directly at the co-op level. The ultimate goal of the initiative was to get cooperatives to the point of self sustainability, which Yukiro has now achieved. We can verify that the price our supplier pays to the cooperative each year will result in a fair distribution of funds, a better managed co-op, investment in the mill, and even better coffee in the coming years. The farms are in Goma Woreda. Yukiro currently has 520 members (170 female members), and have improved their beds and warehouse capacity in the last year, as well as installed a new coffee pulper.

Our Mission
Casita Coffee Roasters exists to establish economic justice in the world by treating our customers, partners and suppliers with the dignity and respect they deserve. We focus on sourcing coffees that are grown organically, and all our coffees are always freshly roasted, fairly-traded and use specialty grade coffee beans. 

Additional Information

Cultivars Heirloom Varietals
Region Gera Region, Jimma, Western Ethiopia
Processing wet processed
Altitude 6,200 - 6,900 ft.
Harvest June 2017, current crop
Roast Date freshly roasted when you place your order
Roast Recommendation medium-light
Brew Recommendation drip /  filter, pour over, submersion, cold brew, espresso (medium-dark roast)
Other Notes fairly traded