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A fair trade, specialty coffee subscription. Both bags change on a monthly basis.

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With The Roaster's Select Subscription, you will receive new coffees to brew, sip and enjoy every month. This subscription features micro-lot coffees that we normally do not carry on our online store because of limited supply and high demand.  However, these single origin and blended coffees are exceptional, and we are excited to share them with our fellow coffee aficionados. The Roaster's Select Subscription also includes a complimentary recommended brew guide and coffee profile for each new of the coffees you receive. These coffees are freshly roasted at the time of each delivery.

Current Coffees

Luna Azul Blend

If you select the (1) 12 oz. bag option, this is the coffee you will receive.

Tasting Notes
Velvety smooth mouthfeel, distilled high percent cacao bar, lush berry, citrus peel, grape, chocolate orange candies. High level of sweetness.

Luna Azul blend features a fantastic Bourbon cultivar from Burundi complimented by a Western Ethiopian cooperative coffee and a dash of Kenyan coffee for vibrance. All three coffees are wet-processed, high quality, specialty coffees. As always, the coffees used in this blend are fairly traded.

Additional Information
Cultivars Bourbon & Heirloom Varietals
Regions Agaro, Ethiopia; Colline Rutovu, Burundi; Nyeri, Kenya
Processing wet process
Altitude varies, all specialty grade coffees
Harvest 2017, current crop
Roast Date roasted on the first Saturday after you place your order*
Roast Level medium-dark
Brew Recommendation filter / drip, pour over, submersion, espresso or cold brew
Other Notes fairly traded

Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato

Tasting Notes
Light roasts of Cyato are elegant, grapefruit-like acidity tying together flavors of honey, simple syrup, floral blueberry, tart wild berry, dark grape, and a beautifully spiced finish.

Tucked away in the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda's Western Province is the Cyato washing station site. This is one of two washing stations managed by the Fidele family, the first of the two producing naturals and started by the father, and Cyato managed mainly by son Leo (that's Leo in the second image). Cyato is set up with a Penagos 800, and they are producing mainly fully washed coffee. The station is much more remote than many of the other Nyamasheke stations, and it is on the edge of the Forest of Nyungwe.

Additional Information
Cultivars Bourbon
Region Nyamasheke, Rwanda
Processing wet process
Altitude 6,100 ft. - 6,250 ft. above sea level
Harvest November 2017, current crop
Roast Date roasted on the first Saturday after you place your order*
Roast Level medium-light roast
Brew Recommendation filter / drip, pour over, submersion
Other Notes fairly traded

How Our Coffee Subscriptions Work
A Casita Coffee Roaster's subscription is hassle free and is discounted from our normal retail rates. With a specialty coffee subscription, you will never have to make an emergency run to the store or coffee shop if you run out of coffee because you will always have fresh roasted coffee on hand.

*Our subscription coffee is roasted on Saturday and sent out for delivery on Monday of each week. Our coffee menu is updated on a monthly basis. For example, if you select the "every two weeks" subscription, you will receive freshly roasted coffee once every two weeks. You can expect your first delivery to be sent out on the first Monday after you start your subscription. Your second delivery will be sent to you either one week, two weeks or one month later, depending on the delivery frequency you select. For our Roaster's Select Subscription, the new coffee menu will be changed at the beginning of each month, so you can enjoy the current month's fresh roasted coffees all month long.

With our subscriptions, you can:
- Change, cancel or pause your subscription for any reason.
- Select how much coffee you would like & how often you would like it delivered.
- Start a corporate subscription -  5 lb. bag per month.
- Give a coffee subscription as a gift for a family member or friend.

    Interested in setting up a custom subscription?
    Choose a custom coffee type, roast level, ground/whole bean, delivery frequency and quantity by contacting us. 


    Our Mission
    Casita Coffee Roasters exists to establish economic justice in the world by treating our customers, partners and suppliers with the dignity and respect they deserve. We focus on sourcing coffees that are grown organically, and all our coffees are always freshly roasted, fairly-traded and use specialty grade coffee beans.