Hacienda Blend
Fair Trade

$ 7.99

Tasting Notes
This blend has balanced bittersweet notes, almond and chocolate roast flavors with hints of peach tea, spice and jasmine. Lighter roasts of this coffee are sweet and aromatic. Tastes include peach, cinnamon and cardamom. Darker roasts tend toward chocolate and dark plum fruit tones with a hefty body. Excellent for espresso. This coffee is freshly roasted at the time you place your order.

About Hacienda Blend Coffee Producers
This blend is made of fresh, in-season coffees from around the world. The blend changes based on what is in-season in order to match our Hacienda Flavor Profile: bittersweet balance, big body, nice crema (espresso) and clean, bright notes.

Our Mission
Casita Coffee Roasters exists to establish economic justice in the world by treating our customers, partners and suppliers with the dignity and respect they deserve. We focus on sourcing coffees that are grown organically, and all our coffees are always freshly roasted, fairly-traded and use specialty grade coffee beans.
Additional Information
Cultivars varies, based on in-season coffees
Region varies, based on in-season coffees
Harvest 2017, current crop
Roast Date freshly roasted when you place your order
Roast Recommendation medium-dark
Brew Recommendation makes fantastic espresso or cold brew also works well as a pour over, submersion or filter/drip
Other Notes fairly traded