Colombia Nariño Río Juanambú
Fair Trade

$ 7.99

Tasting Notes
The sweetness in Juanambú is layered with vanilla caramels, dark brown sugar, honeyed hints, and malt syrup, with hints of chopped date pieces, all cut through by a slight lemon tart vibrance. Medium Body, good for espresso or drip coffee. This coffee is freshly roasted at the time you place your order.

About Santo Domingo La Cascada
The Rio Juanambú is a tributary originating high up in the Cordilleras Central where several of the growing areas for this coffee are located. Buesaco, Taminango, Tablón de Gómez, and a few others, are the localities where our supplier is connecting with local coffee associations and buying coffees from their allied producers.

Our Mission
Casita Coffee Roasters exists to establish economic justice in the world by treating our customers, partners and suppliers with the dignity and respect they deserve. We focus on sourcing coffees that are grown organically, and all our coffees are always freshly roasted, fairly-traded and use specialty grade coffee beans. 

Additional Information

Cultivars Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Typica
Region Nariño, Colombia
Processing wet process
Altitude 6,600 - 6,900 ft.
Harvest September, 2017, current crop
Roast Date freshly roasted when you place your order
Roast Recommendation light - medium-dark roasts
Brew Recommendation filter, drip, pour over, submersion, espresso (darker roasts)
Other Notes fairly traded