Business Subscriptions
Fair Trade, Monthly, 5 Lb.

Hacienda Blend Subscription

Freshly Roasted, Fair Trade, Specialty Grade

$ 124.95 / Monthly 5 Lb. Bag

We use fresh, in-season coffees from around the world to create our Hacienda Blend. Hacienda has balanced bittersweet notes. Lighter roasts of this coffee are sweet and aromatic with hints of cinnamon and cardamom. Darker roasts tend toward chocolate and dark plum with a hefty body. Excellent for espresso...nice crema, clean bright notes. Roast recommendation: medium-dark.

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How it Works

A Casita Coffee Roaster's subscription is hassle free and is discounted from our normal retail rates. With a specialty coffee subscription, you will never have to make an emergency run to the store or coffee shop if you run out of coffee because you will always have fresh roasted coffee on hand. Our corporate coffee subscription bag contains 5 pounds of specialty-grade, fair trade coffee. The bag is delivered to you on a monthly basis. You can order samples here if you want to try out a particular kind of coffee before beginning a subscription. 


Our corporate subscription coffee is roasted and sent out for delivery on the first Monday of each month. If you would like to specify a custom delivery start date or delivery frequency, please contact us.

Change or Cancel your Subscription

You can change, cancel or pause your subscription for any reason. Cancellations or changes cannot be made within 5 days before your payment renewal date for your subscription plan. If you do wish to cancel, pause or make changes within the 5 days before your renewal date, your card will be charged for the upcoming subscription order, and your plan will be cancelled or changed after your upcoming order is fulfilled. You can also view our subscription terms here. Or contact us if you have any further questions regarding our corporate subscription policies.


Our Mission

Casita Coffee Roasters exists to establish economic justice in the world by treating our customers, partners and suppliers with the dignity and respect they deserve. We focus on sourcing coffees that are grown organically, and all our coffees are always freshly roasted, fairly-traded and use specialty grade coffee beans.